Hayden's Ferry Review


Green Head Guy meets the New York Times

HFR #43 cover artist Levi van Veluw is a featured artist in yesterday's New York Times article, "Of Compost, Molecules and Insects, Art Is Born" which takes a look at "art that was once alive." Issue #43, known affectionately around here as "the green head guy" issue, features a self-portrait of van Veluw with all kinds of organic material (and inorganic material, like plastic sheep) actually glued to his face. The article describes the finished portrait as "a kind of Julius Caesar Chia Pet." Check van Veluw's website for other self-portraits. Check out the NYT article for some insight into the trend and some other really cool artists like Laura Splan, who uses her own blood to decorate wallpaper; or Shen Shaomin, who constructs skeletons for fictional creatures out of real animal bones.