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Website of the Week: Calibre

So you have your Kindle, or your Nook, or your Sony Reader. Or all of them. And you also have a passel of ebooks in different formats. How to organize everything into a cogent library? Enter Calibre, an ebook Manager. It downloads metadata on your books, allows you to store books on your computer and browse them, and can even change the format of the ebook. Want to change Kindle to ePub? Nook to Sony Reader. Even the iPad. Done with a click. You can check out more features on the 16 minute demo on the home page or read this independent review at LifeHacker.

I like this because it puts the control ebooks back into the hands of the reader, not Amazon, Google, or anyone else. Calibre will also pull reading content from the web, perhaps opening the door to small publishers and magazines down the line to easy distribution. That sounds good to us.