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News Around the Net

If the New Yorker's list of 20 writers to watch under 40 wasn't enough for you, here's a list of twenty more writers under 40. This one includes Salvador Plascencia and Eric Puchner, both of whom are awesome.

An inaugural John Updike conference will be held in Reading, Pennsylvania to celebrate his works. It will be put on by the John Updike Society, which was formed shortly after he died.

A poet gets her work published because of her Twitter account. Everyone: we all need to do this, then we can be famous and successful and stuff.

The myth of masculine writing style.

I can't decide if I would be honored to be on this list, or if I would feel dirty and ashamed. Or maybe it's the best list to be on. After all, you'd really be able to focus on the book - on bowel movement at a time - since it's the one place you're (almost) guaranteed to be alone.

I'm cheating here, as this isn't really news (but is any of this, really?). However, I like to pretend I make the rules, so, here's a blog that I really like. And I'll just leave it at that.

This is good, too: a grumpy agent makes fun of query letters.

Last, but certainly not least, Portuguese Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramago died today at 87.