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Website of the Week - Poets for Living Waters

With today being day 65 of the Gulf oil leak disaster and up to 2.5 million gallons spilling in to the Gulf daily, desperation is at an all-time high to try and stop what is already the worst spill in U.S. history. They've got the guy from Dances with Wolves building some machine that can separate the oil from the water. Lousiana lawmakers have resorted to simply praying for it to stop. It's kind of like that scene in Star Wars where everyone is stuck in that trash compactor that is slowly closing in on them, about to crush them like peanut shells, and Luke and Han are desperately reaching for anything to try and make it stop. Except it isn't stopping.

For Amy King and Heidi Lynn Staples, their solution comes from the first law of ecology, which states that "everything is connected to everything else." This is the mission behind Poets for Living Waters, the poetry blog that is soon to be a printed anthology and reading in Washington D.C.: "An appreciation of this systemic connectivity suggests a wide range of poetry will offer a meaningful response to the current crisis."

The blog is a chance for writers from all over the world to submit work that will positively contribute to the efforts to improve the situation in the Gulf. At this point, we need all the help we can get, and this certainly won't be the first time we've used poetry to help our country through a difficult time.

Check them out here, and if you are interested in submitting, send 1-3 poems, a short bio and credits for previously published work to poetsforlivingwaters@yahoo.com.