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Website of the Week: Zinsser on Friday

William Zinsser - the 87 year-old journalist, nonfiction writer and teacher whose 1976 book On Writing Well is standard issue for all writers looking to de-clutter their writing - now has a new venture to add to his already lengthy resumé: blogging.

Zinsser on Friday is the new blog series, published weekly by The American Scholar, where Zinsser writes at length about whatever is on his mind - writing, the arts, his distaste for "sharing" - and does it in a way that makes us all revert back to our childhood-selves, sitting cross-legged on the carpet, listening to his stories about a time when the average Joe couldn't just catch a plane to Honolulu. His posts are interesting and insightful, filled with the wisdom of a guy who started writing in 1946 and hasn't stopped since.

Skim through the archive of posts (I particularly enjoyed "At Ease in the Stone Age") and keep your eyes peeled for his new, weekly post, every Friday, here.