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News Around the Net

If you're looking for something to look forward to, here's a massive book preview of the major titles that should be coming out in the next year.

Dr. Seuss Chuck Taylors.  Because everyone knew this needed to happen.

Apparently, people read hard copy books faster than ebooks on the Kindle or iPad.  You can probably chalk this up to one of a number of things not having to do with ebooks at all.  But either way, seems a bit arbitrary to me, there it is though.

A challenge.  Can you outblurb Nicole Krauss's praise of David Grossman's new novel?  Apparently, Grossman 'can look inside a person and discover the unique essence of her humanity'.  What a pervert.

The Diary of Anne Frank has been published as a graphic novel in the Netherlands.  It was done to make the book more accessible to a younger audience, also because they thought this would make it even more depressing.

Salt Publishing is looking for writers.  They want to know who you think they should publish.  Perhaps they'd be interested in a little known young writer named Yours Truly.  Yes, that's right.  That is my pen name.

Dr. Alphabet plans to write 10,000 pages of poetry in 100 days.  Also plans to write 10 pages of good poetry in 100 days.  One of those is made up.  You decide which.