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I Write Like... You might have already seen this in the last couple days, but here it is anyway. I know tons of people out there really want to know exactly which famous writer they write like using I'm sure some very scientific technology to ensure they pick the right author for you. For the record, I entered a couple things and I keep getting Kurt Vonnegut.

Feel like you need a little inspiration to get yourself to your local library? The Old Spice guy is here to talk to into it. Yes, Old Spice guy, books are indeed filled with words.

What is this strange interest in the homes of great authors? I'm guessing they're a lot like all of ours, what with rooms and walls and (maybe) carpeting.

The Great Gatsby, now a video game! Look, I love The Great Gatsby, but this has to be the most boring video game of all time. You're going to (among other things) ride on a train, buy a stray dog, go to an apartment and watch some annoying girl get punched in the face. Maybe that part would be kinda cool.