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News Around the Net

The Guardian is asking us to find the funniest novel titles we can. I think I'm willing to say that Penetrating Wagner's Ring is the best one thus far. Too funny.

Why having the right place to work isn't nearly as important as actually working. Does this mean that my new desk doesn't do the writing for me? I assigned it a story last week and was going to check in on it today. I thought I was ahead of the game.

More about the struggles at Barnes & Noble.
We could be headed for a very different place than we're used to. Maybe they'll add grocery stores to every location! That would be convenient.

Everyone spends a lot of time hating on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but how often do we see a good independent bookstore fight nowadays? To use the immortal words of Justin Timberlake, cry me a river, Open Book!

I know we had Jonathan Franzen last week, but he's a pretty big deal. Possibly worthy of two weeks in a row. Here's an incredibly awkward seeming Franzen in a video talking about "the novel".

Here's a good interview with the new editor of The Paris Review, Loren Stein. Other than that poetry acceptance/rejection fiasco, I'm somewhat sold on him.

Finally, a three-year-old plays with toys, recites Billy Collins poetry.