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Website of the Week: Anis Shivani at HuffPo

This week's Website of the Week is a fairly obvious goodie, one that's already pretty popular amongst the mid-20's to mid-30's age range, I-voted-for-Barack-Obama crowd for quite a while now: The Huffington Post. But we aren't here to plug HuffPo as a whole per se (even though I am a big fan); rather, we want to draw attention to one writer who has been stirring up a cauldron of controversy the past few weeks with his bold, no-holds-barred literary posts that have been at the center some pretty serious comment threads.

Meet Anis Shivani. Anis is a Houston-based fiction writer, poet and as you will soon discover, quite vocal critic. He's been writing for HuffPo since the beginning of the summer, but it has been his last few posts that have really been fun reading. Take for instance his post, The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary Authors. Featuring everyone from William T. Vollmann to Billy Collins to Jonathan Safran Foer, Anis dishes out some pretty harsh critiques. Take Vollmann for example: Anis calls him a "third-rate Pynchon desperate to impress with quantity rather than quality." Yikes. As one commenter puts it, "the article is entertaining and amusingly vicious."

Check out everything Anis has to offer over at The Huffington Post, and then stop by his website where you can check out some of his other writing.
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