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NYC & LA: Check out Michal Chelbin's "The Black Eye"

I love Phoenix, but sometimes I can't help but wish we were lucky enough to have all the cool stuff you can get in New York & LA. Michal Chelbin's upcoming openings for her photo series "The Black Eye" is just one of those things that make me drool with envy.

Opening at the Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York today and running through November 6th, and at M+B Gallery in LA on October 23rd, "The Black Eye" is a series of photos focusing on "the world of athletes and performers from Eastern Europe, Israel, and England. The athletes and wrestlers in this series are studies in contrasts: youth and manhood, strength and weakness, tenderness and rigidity, odd and ordinary, splendor and roughness."

Stay tuned for some of Chelbin's photos which will appear in Issue #47 of HFR.

ZackArt, Contributor News, Photography