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Website of the Week: 300 Reviews

Let's say you are you, but a you with a serious distaste for camouflage. Or perhaps, after years of hearing your one friend talk endlessly about how he ran a marathon ten years ago, you've finally had enough. Or maybe you grew up in a family that didn't hide the fact that the best place to catch up on your Rolling Stone subscription is right on the john. Don't let your feelings of rage or anger or pride bottle up inside you anymore! There is now an outlet for us to express ourselves about the things we rarely get to express ourselves about (like lemon-lime citrus drinks): 300Reviews.com.

As their website states, "We believe cultural criticism can be surprising, funny, and even lyrical, all while maintaining a keen insight into human experience."

This is something that Jonathan Swift demonstrated a long time ago, but 300 Reviews brings even more to the table: "This includes, of course, those topics often left out by our most eminent critics...As such, 300 Reviews began with a basic goal – to find a home for criticism of subjects that are neglected in traditional venues." And the fact that they are only on #62/300 means there is still plenty of room for your diatribe. I know I personally would love to write about how crappy people on public transportation are, but sadly someone has already beat me to the punch.

In honor of Jonathan Franzen's novel, Freedom being released in stores yesterday, check out one reviewer's take on the now familiar cover art.
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