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Website of the Week: inDigest Magazine

With more publications beginning to publish only online, it's becoming easier and easier for people to find new, contemporary writers on the internet. Quantity does not necessarily denote quality however. That's where readers can really come to appreciate magazines like inDigest: they publish quality work on a consistent basis. Whether it's poetry, prose, reviews or interviews, you're going to read some great stuff from some well-known writers as well as new voices in the literary community.

And here's where inDigest has really taken it to a new level: covering art and music in addition to all of the above. Reading about a musician is cool, but being able to then listen to samples of their work is even cooler.

InDigest also hosts a series of readings in both Minneapolis and New York, which is something to be jealous of here in Phoenix.

Plus they've got a blog that is updated daily with literary news and other fun things, like a song made completely from the sounds of a typewriter.

Check out inDigest Magazine, and if you feel so inclined, submit your own work.
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