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Serialized novel delivered by an app. If only Dickens had an iPad. Author’s Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear’s new novel Mongoliad will be released in weekly, serial installments to subscribers’ smart phones and computers.

Stephen King on His Comics' Debut American Vampire. King fangs it up for hickeys (????) capitalism (☺) and the death of the Thought Bubble.

If after eating your fill of street vendor vegan dogs or protesting the Muslim Community Center (stupid people should really eat more street fare) you find yourself in New York City with seven free hours, head to Elevator Repair Service’s Gatz, a theater performance in which every word of Fitzgerald’s 47,000 word novel The Great Gatsby is read aloud. Heard Any Good Books Lately, Zelda? No, but I had an awesome Gyro at Ground Zero!

Obama Book Club. Freedom Frenzy: A Look at Presidential Reading Lists. Monroe Singing:"Happy birthday Mr. Franzen..."

OMG! the CEOs are not our BFFs!When did we start speaking in sets of capital letters? Lane Greene looks into the rise of the acronym and its sibling the initialism...OMG, ECT.

'Sourland,' by Joyce Carol Oates. Review of the author's newest short story collection released by Ecco this month.
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