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News Around the Net

It's that time of the year again: November is National Novel Writing Month. Who's down to write 50,000 words next month?

A personally hand-written and illustrated unfinished Dr. Seuss book abandoned from the late 1960's was up for auction. It could have been yours for only about $34,000. What a deal.

Thanks to a grant from Amazon, the Best Translated Book Awards will now have a cash prize. Pretty awesome.

The New York Times asked students, 13 and up, their thoughts on digital versus paper books. Here's what they had to say. They kinda hate digital books, I guess. I think they've been brainwashed.

The most expensive book in the world, some silly thing about birds, is going to be up for auction. So you didn't have the $34,000 for the Dr. Seuss thing book. Just scratch up an extra $8 million and you'll be able to get Birds of America.

The University of Virginia has offered their audit of the Virginia Quarterly Review scandal.

Amazon is finding new ways to screw over bookstores. They're actually getting pretty creative here.