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News Around the Net

The Whiting Award winners have been announced. You know who else is in the "early stages" of his career, except doesn't have a $50,000 grant to show for it? Me, that's who. Is it all because of this lack of talent thing I struggle with?

Reading of an unpublished David Foster Wallace story from 2000? Yes, why not? Also, here's a link to the text of the story, so you can follow along and spend a nice half hour of your time.

Dave Eggers brought his sketch book to game 1 of the World Series. Here is the result. No pictures of the game or the field.

Taylor Swift says people should read. Not unexpectedly, she was "inspired" by Dr. Seuss.

The new Nook will be released in the middle of next month for $259. Here's what it looks like. Looks pretty nice.

There was a LeBron James poetry contest. I really, really, really wish I knew. I would have written dozens of combined Nantucket/LeBron limericks and dominated this contest.