Hayden's Ferry Review


Hayden's Ferry Review Proudly Announces Pushcart Prize Nominees!

Selecting only six nominations for this year's Pushcart Prize was tough cookies. All contributing writers and poets for issue #46 were beyond amazing, and we salute you.

But a Review's gotta do what a Review's gotta do.

Congratulations to our six Pushcart Prize nominees:

-Clare Beams, "We Show What We Have Learned"
-Sean Bishop, "Psalm of the Apple, Psalm of the Mud"
-Halina Duraj, "The Company She Keeps"
-Stephanie Marker, "The Game"
-Avrom Sutzkever, translated by Miri Koral, "(A Little Flower)"
Casey Thayer, "More From the Plowman's Wife"

Celebrate, cheer and keep writing.
Holly H