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Do you want to donate some books to soldiers overseas? Why wouldn't you? You can go here or here. Or both.

First-time novelist Johanna Skibsrud won the Giller Prize and $50,000 cash, she had to deal with her stubborn independent publisher, who, literally, cannot print books fast enough to satisfy all the people who want to read the book. Poor, poor her. I once had the same problem. I feel for you.

Well, I guess this book is going to have to be taken off my reading list. It's a shame. It would have made great reading during my part-time job as a school bus driver. Curse censorship!

45,000 kids are writing their first novels
during National Novel Writing Month. Hey, you stupid kids, Laura Miller thinks your pathetic attempt at writing is dumb and useless! Give it up!

Billy Collins meets the toddler who memorizes his poems and recites them on youtube and gains 300,000 more views than Collins reading the same poem. Then they get in a fist fight.

A museum in the UK needs your help to preserve three Charles Dickens original manuscripts.