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News Around the Net

A lot of authors are about to become much more depressed about how little their book is selling. At least they'll all look better than my BookScan sales data.

I set up this post last week, but there are a ton more up. Here's The Millions's A Year In Reading series. Now there are parts featuring Aimee Bender and Margaret Atwood.

The world's most expensive book was sold on Tuesday for $10 million. I wonder what the e-book price is for it.

Are you ready for something that will be slightly better than, but mostly the same as, the iPad? The iPad 2 will be shipped from factories in China in February. Get excited, people.

Brave New World was removed from the curriculum at a Seattle high school because of its depictions of Native Americans. A mom says she had to put the book down several times while reading because it was so hurtful. The lesson, kids? Stop reading. It makes your parents mad.

Student protesters in London used books as shields against policemen.