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News Around the Net

Great Gatsby in 3D? Also, it can be set on Pandora. And make sure there are lots of panning shots of canyons, mountains and waterfalls. Because those work great in 3D, and the novel is littered with them.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Want free books for life? Well, some small presses are happy to accommodate you.

Anyone want an extremely unofficial Catcher in the Rye sequel? Apparently, it's been sold in six countries, but is being blocked in the US and Canada. This reminds me of the sequel to Pride and Prejudice I wrote that was set in space.

Story on the increased interest in David Foster Wallace's work since his suicide a couple years back.

The third poetry-only bookstore is being opened in Boulder, CO over the weekend. Other two? In Seattle and Cambridge, Mass. Stay strong, poetry lovers!

Have a sudden urge to read Da Vinci's notebooks or Galileo's letters, but don't have immediate access to the British Library? Calm down! There's an app for that.