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AWP 2011 Cover Challenge - Day 6

Alright, HFR devotees. This is it. The final day of our AWP 2011 Cover Challenge. It's been a week filled with heartache, triumph, and hilarity, and today's question won't disappoint. The focus of the question is the front cover, but these answers are all over the place (in the best possible way.)

What's the plot of the Netflix movie in the mail slot?

1. Killer nuclear rats attack a cabin in the woods!
2. Feral child finds family to love.
3. Zombie Love Affair: The Musical.
4. Swine Flu and You: A Porcupine Learns to Fly.
5. Trick question. The TV was the first thing the repo man took.
6. Teaching Your Child the Basics: Sit, Heel, and Down (Vol. 1)
7. Synycdoche, NY
8. Rochelle, Rabbit Detective, Investigates a string of garden-related murders.
9. The Bar is Low.
10. Neuter Moron Disease II.
11. "Learning to Dog-Walk in Too-Big Shoes."
12. Mail-Order Mama
13. Elf Annihilation: When Dogs Attack.
14. Antichrist
15. "There Will Be Mittens."
16. "Freddie the Talking Dog Learns French."
17. The Lurking Verb
18. Where's the Rooster?
19. "The Circumspect Penis."
20. Godzilla Comes to Snowville.
21. The Prince Loses his Mind.
22. The Rooster Isn't Really Male.

Remember, this is the last question, so make sure your answers make it into the comments section below! Voting for all questions is open through Thursday night, with winners announced Friday Morning on Facebook and Twitter!