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News Around the Net

We just passed the one year anniversary of J.D. Salinger's death (already!?). Is it possible he was a normal person, fond of tennis and Burger King, possibly not as much a urine drinking recluse as we thought?

More on Salinger: Great essay about searching for and finding some lost stories with some awesome titles.

Men vs women publishing in major literary magazines. Some pretty staggering numbers here. Yikes.

Here are the National Book Critics Circle Award finalists. That's a mouth full. And yes, Franzen did make the cut on this one. You can exhale now.

For the past four years, Yann Martel has been sending the Canadian Prime Minister a book every two weeks, a side project of his. Evidently, the Prime Minister was not impressed.

Which would you want to read less, Snooki's memoir (from last week) or this jewel of American literature (which I'm positive it will be)?