Hayden's Ferry Review


Contributor Spotlight: T. Zachary Cotler

Zachary, whose poems "Theresa of Avila" and "Elegy for Derrida: Aleph-one and Aleph-Null" appear in the current issue of HFR, wrote to let us know about a new project he's working on, and we thought we'd pass along the good news.

The Winter Anthology is a collection of 21st century literature, American and international. Volume One can be read on the website and includes contributions from Yves Bonnefoy, Jack Gilbert, Jean Valentine, Charles Wright, and others.

The project is a vehicle for writings that privilege density, precision, earnestness, unapologetically demonstrated intellect, and sensitivity to the numinous. Various strands of late 20th century thought have done much to problematize these values, but the writings collected in The Winter Anthology are neither sentimental atavisms nor naive attempts at reconstruction. Rather, they are elegies for art and artists, some explicit, many more implicit, conscious of the technological and social forces at work for good and ill in the 21st century.

So, check it out! And check out their annual contest to find out how to submit your work.