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News Around the Net

So, The Great Gatsby was a Nintendo video game and, even better, a video game version of Waiting for Godot was found. Just insane amounts of excitement there, I'm sure.

The 2010 Story Prize was awarded to Anthony Doerr. Really good writer usually win this one (Daniyal Mueenuddin, Jim Shepard, Tobias Wolff are past winners), so you might want to take note.

Have you ever wanted to follow Sylvia Plath, Samuel Beckett (with an anti-Justin Beiber obsession) or Arthur Miller on Twitter, but then thought they might be a little too dead for social networking? No more.

The 2010 Believer Book Award finalists (for the best and most underappreciated novels of the year) have been announced, albeit over two months into 2011.

Literary Journal Open City is saying goodbye after 20 years. A good run, not as long as it should have been.

Stephen King has a new novel coming out.
Another 1,000 page novel. This one about a time traveler thwarting JFK's assassination. Color me intrigued.