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Website of the Week: My Unfinished Novels

My Unfinished Novels is a brand new online journal/blog that invites readers to submit their most valiant attempts at finishing a novel. It's a literary graveyard of sorts, with some of the stories sounding so familiar they could have happened to you (and maybe they did). Ultimately, as the site bio addresses, My Unfinished Novels looks to do more than just throw a giant pity party for failed writing attempts; the blog looks to "explore [an] idea: why was this novel abandoned?"

The answers are truly stories within themselves; some funny, some slightly depressing, others kinda frustrating: stories of writers who have done the hard part and actually finished a work, only to get lazy about actually trying to get it published; another about a girl who allowed her crazy, narcissistic friend talk her out of finishing her novel so she could have more time to edit the friend's. Then there are the horror stories, such as Susan Remondi's computer glitch that made her entire novel dissapear [Ed. Note: I actually found Susan's book online, although it may not be the full-length one she had intended to get published. If you're interested, here's a link to I Probably Pooped on Your Couch.]

Check out My Unfinished Novels where you can read through all the entries submitted thus far, as well as submit your own unfinished novel, should such a thing exist.
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