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Film + Poetry = Motionpoems.

Former Issue #47 contributor Dag T. Straumsvåg e-mailed us this week about an amazing project he has recently become part of: Motionpoems. It's a coming together of my two favorite art forms - film and the written word - in an incredibly creative and beautiful way. The project is the love child of animator Angela Kassube and poet Todd Boss, who came together in 2008 with a common interest: "generating new audiences for poetry."

Since their initial team-up, they have extended the offer to other poets and animators to collaborate. And they've gotten some pretty big names in the poetry world to sign on to the project, including Jane Hirshfield, Robert Bly and Thomas Lux. Check out the video below that explains the project, and consider donating a few sheqels so that these guys can pay the bills:

And here's and example from Dag's poem "June":

Check out the website to see a bunch more of this awesome project.
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