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At least one person is now a Philip Roth fan. Carmen Calil stepped down as a judge of the Man Booker International Prize after Roth was named the winner. She asks the questions "in 20 years will anyone read him?" while apparently being unaware that he's been publishing books for, what, 50 years?

Amazon revealed that they consistently sell more e-books than print books now. They also say that the new $114 dollar is the fastest selling Kindle ever. Still though, they refuse to give specifics on how many Kindles of e-books (i.e.how many free ones are included here?) they sell.

Look what we missed on May 8. I feel like this could have been fun.

The results for the Independent Publisher Book Awards have been announced.
I did not win in a single category, unfortunately.

Check out this pictorial history of Science Fiction.

Here's a good essay about the strange appeal of the long novel.