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News Around the Net

With Oprah's show ending, here's a look back at her book club. It was a juggernaut for the publishing world, then Franzen happened and ruined it for everyone.

A great piece on the disadvantages facing translated literature when the judges of international prizes are English speaking.

If you're a pregnant reader, here are some books that you should probably not read. Unless, of course, you really want to.

The One Story blog posted a list of the best short stories ever, according to them. Worth a check, there are a lot of good ones there.

From The Awl, a lost e.e. cummings poem was discovered.

Here's another story on the to-MFA-or-not-to-MFA debate, which I never really understand. I mean, sure, obviously, it's bad for people who'd like to write to enter programs that encourage them to write and give them substantial time to write. Awful.