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News Around the Net

The long history of the James Bond novel. In honor of a new one coming out in a couple weeks.

In response to a list by Esquire listing 75 books every man should read (only one of them was written by a woman, Flannery O'Connor), this list was created. 250 books by woman that all men should read.

Starting in a couple months, DC Comics will start renumbering their issues, starting back at #1.

I had no idea these existed, but apparently they do, so here are the winners of the 2011 Arab-American Book Awards, people.

Finally, the top 10 literary feuds. Number one was deserved, but I feel like it got overshadowed by another, watching all-around grumpy old man Norman Mailer bicker with Gore Vidal and Dick Cavett on The Dick Cavett show made me more than a little uncomfortable.