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News Around the Net

Next week, J.K. Rowling is announcing something to do with the future of Harry Potter. This is what everyone knows. Everyone is excited.

Here's a big list of the best non-fiction books of all-time, according to The Guardian.

An essay on when, as readers or writers, to give up on reading/writing a story that just might not be that good. I've recently given up on the idea of finishing everything I start reading if I'm not liking it, so this was a fitting read, for me at least.

Ever spent a miserable week at Disney Land? Ever gone to Paris and hated it? Ever been horrified by being on a cruise ship? These writers can sympathize. And they love writing about their awful vacations.

Wired has five reasons paper books are better than e-books. I have at least one reason e-books are better: I haaaate cluttered spaces. This pile of books on my desk to my right right now is really upsetting me. If I'd read them already, they'd have been traded in for video games just like the last batch. Don't push me!