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Unusual Calls for Submissions

The Mom Egg publishes sharp, articulate, inventive work by mothers about everything and by everyone about mothers and motherhood. So if you are not a (self-identified) mother, your work should deal with mothers or motherhood. Submissions period for poetry, fiction, creative prose and art for The Mom Egg 2012 Vol. 10 will be July 15 through Sept. 30, 2011. The issue will be a themed issue on "The Body"-- the human body, of course, but also bodies of work, water, land, the body politic or corporate, the mind/body, etc. Submissions must relate to that theme to be considered. Please include a brief, 3-5 line bio and cover letter. Submissions will be accepted via our new submissions manager. Up to 5 poems; prose and fiction up to 850 words.

Monkey Puzzle Press' 3rd annual flash fiction contest! First Prize: $300.00 plus publication, Second Prize: $150.00 plus publication, Third Prize: $50.00 plus publication. Submit one story per entry, 1000 words or less. $10 entry fee (check or money order) payable to Monkey Puzzle Press. Go here for more submission details. We won't be judging stories based on any particular content or context, just send your best piece of flash fiction! Please keep in mind that we do appreciate work exhibiting socio-political-cultural awareness and humor. To get an idea for the kind of work we like, check out our Magazine page for free downloads of past issues.

The Destroyer is now accepting submissions for our first issue. We're looking for poetry, texts with no determinate genre, video, audio, and new media. Translations welcome. Additionally, we have a Rant section. See submission guidelines on our website for more details. We're looking for work that's visceral and honest. Work that simultaneously addresses multiple audiences, including, perhaps most importantly, the public. We are open to a variety of aesthetics, though we are particularly drawn to styles that currently lack a clear-cut literary/artistic niche. We believe that traditional lyricism piggybacks off the institution of "Poetry." We respond to work that challenges this lyrical model. We don't want a jaunt on a yacht; we want a motorcycle ride. An Online Publication of Text, Art, and the Public Rant. Visit our Submishmash Site to submit.

Measure, a biannual print journal of formal poetry, is seeking submissions for upcoming issues. We're looking for both established and emerging poets writing interesting, contemporary metrical verse. Measure has published work from poets such as Richard Wilbur, Derek Walcott, Wendy Cope, Seamus Heaney, Dick Davis, X.J. Kennedy, and a host of others. Measure was begun in 2005 by Rob Griffith and Paul Bone in response to the demise of The Formalist, a journal which had helped renew and sustain interest in formal poetry. Measure has a mission not only to publish the best new poetry from both established and emerging writers, but also to reprint a small sampling of poems from books of metrical poetry published the previous year. Likewise, each issue includes interviews with some of our most important contemporary poets and also offers short critical essays on the poetry that has helped to shape the craft. For complete submission guidelines, please visit our website at: http://measure.evansville.edu.

Introducing the 2012 Bat City Review Art & Writing Collaboration Prize! What We're Looking For: A bold, intoxicating combination of written text with visual art that engages and expands each medium in concert with the other. Collaborative submissions (from multiple persons) are acceptable. It is necessary for the entrants to own the rights to all original work submitted. Pieces that involve other artists' writing or work are welcome, as long as said art is in the public domain or the entrant can prove reception of the artist's permission. Judge: Tomaz Salamun, Award: $1000 for the winning entry and publication in the 2012 issue of Bat City Review, Deadline: November 1, 2011, Cost of Entry: An issue ($8) or subscription ($14). Visit http://www.batcityreview.la.utexas.edu/submgr/ for more details.
Rutger Rosenborg