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Check out this great website, dedicated to keeping underused words alive. Adopt a word and promise to use it in conversation as much as possible!

Should novelists be critics as well? It's a tough one. Who would know novels better? But a bad review always stinks of sour grapes.

The argument for not caring about literary awards.
The reason we do care - probably because we like seeing books we like being liked by others, or if our book doesn't win, we also like pretending we have superior taste than the award-deciders. It's a win-win for fans.

We had a novel (then another, then another) by Lauren Conrad and I was okay, I didn't even comment on it. We had a novel by Hilary Duff, and I pointed it out, but I let it pass. But this. This cannot stand.

Here we go again.
How many times do we have to go through this before people realize that The Great Gatsby will never be made into a successful movie? Those pretty sentences cannot be transplanted to the screen! Damn you, DiCaprio!

The new American Poet Laureate is Philip Levine.