Hayden's Ferry Review


Website of the Week: War-of-the-words.org

Bazooka or spelunker, skank or poop, wraith or crux? Which word has the most phonetic punch, which the most versatility?

For the last three years, War-of-the-words.org has thrown words into a bracket-style battle, judging them by traits like “Frequency of usage” or “phonetic punch”, allowing registered users to submit their brackets online and weigh in throughout the tournament in ‘real time’ via Facebook. Commissioner and founder Rich Zeroth creates absurd (not to mention, funny) word profiles and statistics, overtly mirroring the tournament to NCAA basketball's March Madness. Yes, there’s even a live Final Four.

In the last year, the tournament has garnered enough interested to up the stakes with a $100 prize for the best predictor. The best part: sign up is entirely free. Besides, we all know ‘Mustachioed’ will be in the Final Four, and that Beth’s bracket is squeamish compared to mine. I dare anyone to disagree. Click to.
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