Hayden's Ferry Review


Ralph Waldo Eggerson Stars in "Goodbye My Chickens, Goodbye."

The deadline for the photo competition is coming up fast, so we thought we'd give you all some inspiration. Ralph Waldo Eggerson agreed to model for us in an example of a photo you might come up with for the video for "Goodbye My Chickens, Goodbye" by Anne Earney. Of course, if you want to submit something other than photos (like drawings, flash images, or music clips) that would be extremely welcome.

Here's the deal. Send us any photograph that you feel relates to the story. Anything at all! We'll choose our favorites and string them together for a fabulous video worthy of killing a radio star. We'll gladly accept your photos through email (hfr@asu.edu). Be sure to include your name and address. The deadline is NOVEMBER 30th!