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Unusual Calls for Submissions

LQQK Magazine is a new science fiction magazine currently looking for new writers. We are interested in stories that speculate about the future of contemporary phenomena like social networking, mobile devices, filesharing, hacking, and online lifestyles. We are also interested in far-out, surrealist, or anarchic stories in general, with or without lulz. Full submission guidelines can be found here.

LPR Call for Submissions: Audacity Issue
Audacity defines the best and worst within us. It is boldness or daring, accompanied by confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought or other restrictions. It is also effrontery, insolence or shamelessness. Little Patuxent Review invites you to explore the various aspects of audacity for our Summer 2012 issue. Submit well-crafted poetry, prose, artwork or photography between December 1, 2011 and March 1, 2012 through our online submission system. See the guidelines on our website for details. Note: we consider artwork and photography on a rolling basis. Be bold, be daring. Be anything but boring. More here.

Imagine your favorite holiday stories. Chances are good the protagonists are a man and a woman, possibly even with children. But where are the stories that feature men together, or women together, that will also warm our hearts at this special season? That’s where you come in. We’re collecting holiday stories for two anthologies, one featuring male protagonists/couples/families, the other featuring female protagonists/couples/families, and we’d like to hear from you! Your story should run between 2,000 and 4,000 words, contain no erotica, and be in a winter holiday setting. The only requirement is that it be historical fiction. We’re looking for tomorrow’s classics in time for next year’s holiday season! Pay will depend on securing a publisher and will be negotiated at that time for accepted stories. Deadline is June 15, 2012, but the earlier, the better. Send Word docs to Jeannette de Beauvoir E-mail: angevine(at)aya.yale.edu (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

Kweli Journal, an online literary journal that celebrates the shared cultural experience of people of color, is currently seeking literature of occupation for its January 2012 social justice issue. The Occupy Movement is a national movement of men and women from all races, backgrounds, and religions with the shared goal of ending corporate greed from the wealthiest 1%. Kweli Journal invites submissions of short stories, poetry, and essays that bear witness to the day to day realities and frustrations of the 99%, poor working class and middle class folks living on the edge. Recent issues of Kweli have featured the work of Jennine Capó Crucet and Amaud Jamaul Johnson. Upcoming issues of the journal will feature Camille Dungy, Aaron Michael Morales and Neela Vaswani. Kweli will accept submissions for the Literature of Occupation Call from November 19, 2011 to January 7, 2012. Any submissions received after this deadline will not be considered and will be discarded. For prose submissions, submit one (1) short story or one (1) self-contained novel excerpt or creative non-fiction piece of no more than 7,000 words in one single file in doc., rtf, or .pdf format. For poetry submissions, submit up to three poems totaling no more than 6 pages in one single file in doc., rtf, or .pdf format. Submit your work here.
Beth Staples