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Website of the Week: The Waccamaw Wheel

Waccamaw is the name of a river running through Conway, South Carolina, the home of Coastal Carolina University, which publishes an online journal of the same name. They've created something unique, the Waccamaw Wheel, where authors interview other authors and then readers get to spin the wheel, letting fate decide the interview they read. Or, if you're not into fickle fate, you can choose an author and then follow the wheel around to read each section. Whichever way you choose, you won't be disappointed with likes of Jeff Parker, Aimee Bender, Will Allison, Laura van den Berg, Stephanie Powell Watts, Kevin Moffett, Adam Levin, Kevin Wilson, Lauren Groff, and Benjamin Percy.

Some of my favorites when I spun the wheel:

Lauren Groff briefly interviews Ben Percy:
Lauren:  Your work is full of menace, from rampaging serial-killer bears to werewolves.  Who messed you up in the head?
Ben:  I was raised by deadbeat wolves who beat and bit me, and then a kindly family of bears slaughtered them and adopted me and fed me honey and taught me how to growl and huff,


Adam Levin briefly interviews Aimee Bender:
Adam:  How do you start?
Aimee:  Wandering and wandering.  Somewhere in there is a start point, but I don't know where it is.  So I have to write a bunch of stuff that goes nowhere to find something worth following. 

Of course there is so much more to enjoy. Why not give it a spin?