Hayden's Ferry Review


25th Anniversary Giveaway Winners

Big congratulations going out to the winners of our anniversary giveaway: Megan Paonessa and Emily J. Lawrence. Thank you for joining in our celebration! We invited submissions of photographs of a significant artifact and an accompanying anecdote—true or untrue. Below are the entries that won these two amazing ladies a copy of Issue 50.

"The baby that didn't make it." – Megan Paonessa

"These flecks on my fiance's face are dried seahorses he fetched me from the Atlantic brim. The seahorses are an allusion to a story I had written at the time he whisked off to Hilton Head. They mean "you were not invited but we are not far from each other." Artifacts ferrying adoration across 4 united states of separation, with a smell of sandy mayonnaise." – Emily J. Lawrence

Thank you again for helping us celebrate, and we hope you enjoy your copies of the anniversary issue!