Hayden's Ferry Review


Unusual Calls for Submissions

compiled by Gloria Bonnell

Are you that writer who has a hard time answering the questions about what you write? Maybe you resist “pigeon-holing” literary writing. Do questions like “what’s your genre?” irk you because you are so out there that there actually is no definition for what you write? If this is who you are (we will resist the idea that you have just been “pigeon-holed”), then you may be interested in checking out Stupefying Stories. The editor of this review has been around the industry for 30 year, and is “looking for great stories, period.” So, if you have a great story, send it over here.

Here’s a little Halloween fun. This may sound a little macabre, but do you sit around thinking about what to put on your gravestone? Or maybe what you might want written on someone else’s? Are you the epitaph doodler, filling yellow pads with quipish phrases like “I was here. Looks like I still am.” If so, then you might want to point your pen toward Macabre Republic: American Epitaphs. Whatever your style the magazine is looking for your flash – 23 words max, or 140 characters – of that enigmatic wordplay left in granite. Send submissions here.

Dust off those Super Hero action figures and get busy with a little tactile creative time. Barrelhouse is looking for you best writing – poetry, prose, essay – and (Shazam!) the topic is Super Heroes. You should just go here, even if you’re not into writing about your Aunt Tillie and her super powers. The picture of The Tick is worth a look. Deadline – November 15th.

And, for everyone ready to start celebrating winter (here at the Arizona HFR office, the word “winter’ is thrown around a little loosely) holidays. Kind of a Hurricane Press, edited by A.J. Huffman, is seeking “poetry in the theme of Christmas” for their third anthology Mistletoe Madness. Do what it takes – write with your toes in the freezer, light the evergreen candles, bake gingerbread. Get in the mood, because the deadline is November 15th for your submission. Just in time to send your poetry in and then gear up for Black Friday. For more about Kind of a Hurricane Press and the details for submission, visit them here.
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