Hayden's Ferry Review


HFR51: 21st Century Reading (December 12, 2012)

To celebrate the release of Hayden’s Ferry Review issue 51, we’re going to try out something new: a worldwide web reading! Our contributors to issue 51, across the country and a few elsewhere in the world, will be giving a reading via web cam this coming Wednesday, December 12 starting at 7 o’clock Eastern time. The reading will last several hours, though, and since it’s online, you’ll be free to come and go as you please! So grab the popcorn, fix yourself a drink and prepare yourselves for the twenty-first century reading experience! (Details of where to find the stream will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!)

Readers include: Traci Brimhall, Julie Funderburk, Silas Hansen, Leyna Krow, Kirsty Logan, Charles McLeod, Janet McNally, Rosalie Moffett, Emilia Phillips, Vincent Scarpa, and more!
Sam Martone