Hayden's Ferry Review


Fall Update!

Hello, Hayden’s Ferriers! We hope you’re as excited about this year as we are. This Friday, we’re sequencing issue 53 (due out in November) and we’re thrilled to be able to share all the amazing prose, poetry, translations and photography in it. Meanwhile, the editors are currently accepting submissions for issue 54, due out this spring.

A bit of a brag: we got quite a nice review over at the Review Review! Joelle Jameson gave us five stars, writing that she was “impressed with the quality and variety of writing” in issue 52, mentioning several favorites (particularly among the prose) and praising the international and art sections.

She also noted that our web site is “woefully out of date,” as many of our readers have as well! It’s true! We’re sorry! We’re in a bit of a transitional time, so we’re working on launching a new web presence and, well, time got away from us. For now, keep up to date with us here on the blog and at our Submittable page, and we’ll let you know as soon as our new site goes up.

Speaking of which: our online store has a new location. Purchase individual issues, subscribe or make donations to Hayden’s Ferry Review here.

Thanks so much for your support.