Hayden's Ferry Review


Special Call for Submissions: Indigenous Languages

With initiatives like the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary in Minnesota and the Ester Martinez Presevation Act in Oklahoma highlighting the increased risk of losing indigenous languages, we here at the Hayden’s Ferry Review office started thinking about the influence of Native American languages in the  Tempe/Phoenix area. While we have had an International section for the nearly 8 years, we haven’t focused much on the importance of these languages, all distinct and unique tongues so close to home. Arizona alone is home to more than twenty indigenous tribes, including the Navajo Nation and the Tohono O’odham Nation, and we want to publish work that helps us preserve the literature they produce.

For issue 54 of Hayden’s Ferry Review, the editors of the international section are seeking submissions in any Native American language from North America. These pieces may be originally written in a native language and translated to English or written in English and translated to a native language. Submit through the International/Translation section here, or email Christine Holm at holm.ce@gmail.com for queries.