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This Week in Writing

Former Navy SEAL Team member Matt Bissonnette, writer of No Easy Day about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, is under criminal investigation for allegedly publishing classified material on his book.

Profile writer Clive James, current leukemia patient, continues to publish his poetry work as well as other projects such as Collected Poems scheduled to be published next year, aside from finishing another volume of memoirs.

Former New York Times reporter Jonathan P.Hicks, who covered all level politics in New York died at 58 years old at his home in Brooklyn from pancreatic cancer.

Published W.W. Norton & Company has published The Norton Anthology of World Religions with 4,200 pages to span 3,500 years of literary religion.

Station Eleven written by Emily St. John Mandel has been nominated for the 2014 National Book Award in fiction.

-Zalma Aguirre