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The Real Reason Bookstores Are Going Extinct

Fifteen years ago the musty smell of books and the sounds of vinyl and plastic CDs were the dominating and common elements of a books and media store.

These days, iPads and Kindles go anywhere we have time to read, including sometimes the doctor’s office and even the bathroom. Electronic devices hold hundreds of precious books with fast and easy access. Why waste time, energy and gas to go to an actual library and buy something that will occupy space at home?

Some books are the exception, worth the gas and time to have on a bookshelf. However the allure of printed-books is not as strong as it used to be. When Stephen King, big horror fiction writer, was asked his if fiction books would remain in the future, as they currently are, his answer was “Absolutely they will not.”

Other writers and readers are addicted to the texture, feel, and smell of a paper book, and the excitement of displaying it on their shelf with pride. They enjoy seeing their collection of literature grow over the years. They might present a signed copy to a friend, which becomes a sign of pride.

Sadly 86% of the top 2,500 genre fiction best-seller books on Amazon and iTunes are e-books, which makes it easy and convenient on the readers, but takes business away from bookstores.

It’s hard to predict if print-books will disappear completely, but their future doesn’t seem as promising as it used to be.

-Zalma Aguirre

Dana DBookstores, Publishing