Hayden's Ferry Review


Behind the Masthead: HFR Editors' Winter Fashions

Winter is our favorite season in the Sonoran Desert. Get inspired by our editors' super trendy winter fashions. What are your favorite Arizona winter trends?

Class in the front, breeze in the back. Hospital gowns are the desert way to go. - Kyle B., Poetry Editor

"Shoes: Brown boots. Good for scorpion-stomping. Coat: Faux-fur coat borrowed from friend two Halloweens ago. Originally intended for a Mrs. Peacock outfit. Never returned. Hat: UV rays are the enemy." -Dana D., Editor

"I like to think of this coat as my Kate Hudson in Almost Famous coat.  Hardly ever get to wear it here so I've got to improvise." -Chelsea H., Editor

"Florida Chic." -Allegra H., Fiction Editor

"Though many young writers are burdened by obligatory self-discovery, through the act of writing, I find myself most productive when when wearing my replica 'Young William Gass' costume. Sure, the material's itchy, and some might consider the two hours I spend every morning applying makeup a waste of valuable writing time, but when it comes to imitating the greats, there is no substitute for dermal transmutations. Additionally, Gass's chilly demeanor really helps keep me cool in the desert!" -Alex M., International Editor

Dana DFashion, Issue 55, Issue 56