Hayden's Ferry Review



This months featured poet is Meghan E. Giles, a comrade in arms from The McNeese Review. Make sure you go check it out over on The Dock, then feel free to keep browsing (or maybe even buy a subscription...!)

Enjoy the interview with the poet below:

Q: This poem complicates the issue of domestic violence in a way we’d never seen before. When I first read this poem, the ease with which the speaker ‘receives’ such a violent moment with such a soft-spoken voice was heartbreakingly beautiful. With that in mind, what was it you hoped to accomplish by conflating the domestic, horrible experience with pastoral, natural beauty of native wildflowers?

A: I wasn't intending to conflate this experience, but rather to explore a situation that has happened to me that this poem is closely based off of. I was hoping to explore the complication of being in a relationship with someone you deeply care about although he/she is violent and the relationship is dangerous. Although there is a natural beauty to wildflowers, plants are aggressive beneath the surface, and what we see above ground is a result of that violence.