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....And You Should Also Be Reading: ELKE

ELKE “a little journal” was founded in 2015 and their first issue released in November of that year by former Hayden’s Ferry Review intern Elijah Tubbs and Kennedy Dawn Stearns. The magazine consists of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews and an occasional art piece now and then. ELKE prints their magazine whenever they feel they have received a good amount of work they find worthy of putting on a physical page, but will try to keep to printing at least three times a year. The print copies of their magazine are small and cute, measuring up at six by four inches, just big enough to fit in a jacket pocket or comfortably in a bag. Along with the physical copies, ELKE runs a website where work is published often.

Issue one contains work from Matthew Gavin Frank, author of The Mad Feast and Preparing The Ghost and Beth Gilstrap, author of I am Barbarella and so many other wonderful writers. Interviews from Elissa Washuta, author of My Body is a Books of Rules and Anne Valente, author of By Light We Knew Our Names can be found in that first issue as well. Issue two is under construction now and gladly welcoming submissions.

Submissions to ELKE are open year round for the print and online versions of the magazine and submissions are free! You can submit at their submittable here, where you will also find guidelines for your lovely submissions. Submit! You just might get published in this new, promising, journal. https://elke.submittable.com/submit

Check out ELKE on their website http://www.elkejournal.com/ and pick up a copy for $7 in their online store!