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Hayden's Ferry Review

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Founded in 1986, Hayden’s Ferry Review is a semi-annual & international literary journal edited by the Creative Writing program at Arizona State University.  While we also focus on tradition, our main purpose is to introduce the world to up and coming writers. 
Hayden’s Ferry Review looks for well-crafted work that challenges readers, takes risks, and engages emotionally and artistically.
A small portion of our publication is solicited from established authors, while the majority of our contributors are chosen from the thousands of manuscripts we receive each year.
Each issue includes poetry, prose, translations, and visual art.
Among the writers and artists who’ve found a home in Hayden’s Ferry Review are: George Saunders, Haruki Murakami, Rita Dove, Joseph Heller, Peggy Shumaker, Raymond Carver, Dianne Nelson, Norman Dubie, John Updike, TC Boyle, Gloria Naylor, Naomi Shihab Nye, Ken Kesey, Tess Gallagher, Pam Houston, Lydia Davis, Benjamin Percy, Matt Bell, B.J. Hollars, Mike Meginnis, and Anne Valente.