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Hemingway's Cuban archives have been opened to scholars.

Will the ever-absent J.D. Salinger ever break his silence?

E-books are becoming more popular.

The owner of Book Soup, Glenn Goldman, dies at 58.

Publishers are going lean.

A conversation on the (re)emerging poet.

The self-publishing world consolidates further.

While Israel and Hammas are blowing one another to kingdom come, while countless Americans are losing their jobs and their homes every day, while more and more American businesses are being bought by foreign companies and U.S. jobs are increasingly outsourced, while Banks and Corporations are getting "Get of Jail Free" cards at the same time that normal citizens are being all but thrown to the wolves, while education has been dying from the pedagogical brilliance of the Bush administration, while the very traditional industry of literature (in my opinion the backbone of any society) seems to be singing its swansong...Ann Coulter castigates Michelle Obama for her Jackie O.-esque style in her new book Guilty. Really?

Sylvia Plath's only play to be staged in London.

Yes, Tolkein is still publishing.

Jack Torrance, of Stephen King's The Shining, has finally gotten his novel published. But not by King.

The line between book and sculpture has now been blurred.

Surviving publishing's storm of the century.
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