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Website of the Week - LOCUSPOINT

Are you a poet moving to a new city? Are you into "local flavor"? Are you a student of geography and verse? Do you like to compare where you live to where other people live, poetically? Do you like to click on interactive maps? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions - or if you simply love to read good poems - head on over to LOCUSPOINT: The Place of Poetry. Started by Charles Jensen in 2006, this website was created to be both a community-centered approach to literary publishing, and a resource for poets to find and learn about each other.

Each edition of LOCUSPOINT is built on a set of cities or regions. Guest Editors in each location are tasked with locating poetry community within their areas to whatever extent or degree they experience it by selecting seven poets whose work they want to highlight. Each poet contributes five pages of poetry to the city. The Guest Editor writes an introduction to his or her selections to comment on the poetry scene where they live. Poets seeking community can come to LOCUSPOINT and make connections—find services, publishers, poets, editors, classes, community centers, and so forth.

Cities featured on LOCUSPOINT include Washington DC, Phoenix, Dallas, Madison, Seattle, Chicago and St. Louis, and new ones are being researched and added. Look soon for Atlanta, Los Angeles, Bloomington, New Haven and more.