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Nelson DeMille reflects on being a novelist.

Priceless treasures from the now-closed Gotham Book Mart have been safely rescued. The collection includes 220,000 items, original texts from the 18th and 19th Century, and works by Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller.

Obama as writer.

Fiction reading has increased among adults. The NEA never thought they'd see the day!

Normally we try to steer clear of letting you know when another politician has signed for a book deal, but this one can't go unsaid. George W. Bush has writing plans. The real question is: Who wants to edit that work?

Jen Hadfield wins the T.S. Eliot prize for poetry

The Decameron and the Credit Crisis

Literary Mash-ups

A new list of 100 novels to read...

Literary obituaries: The Danish poet and Nobel favorite, Inger Christensen, is dead at 73. John Mortimer, the creator of Rumpole, dies at 85. W.D. Snodgrass dies at 83. Hortense Calisher dies at 97.