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Website of the Week - Fresh Yarn

FRESH YARN calls itself the online salon for personal essays, and it's not kidding. Each month, the site offers six new essays from writers in varied fields -- television, film, journalism, fiction -- as well as directors, producers, artists, performers and personalities. The 52 archived installments provide hours of great reading. I laughed a lot, too. I like to laugh.

The site's creator, Hillary Carlip, explains: "As FRESH YARN'S birth-mother, host and editor, it is my pleasure to curate an interesting, diverse collection of work written by a variety of very cool contributors." Her mission? "To elevate the art form of the personal essay, and to promote the voices currently kicking it into higher gear. It is also to continue to build the community of listeners and readers who are the real reason this genre is coming to the fore."

Our advice? Go become part of the community. You can sign up for FRESH YARN emails here.